My name is Chantal.

I am the heart and soul behind Earn The Burn –Group Fitness & PT. I’m a Cert 4 in Fitness qualified trainer and I’ve been running ETB since May 2014.

I haven’t always been a picture of health. The old me was 40kg heavier, unhappy, tired and never seemed to have time for anything but my family and my full-time job. I was coasting through life, not living it. Then one day I saw a picture of myself and was horrified at what I saw. Who is this? Who was the stranger staring back at me? I could barely recognise myself. Who had I become? I’ll never ever forget in that moment just how sad I looked. That single event changed my life.

I began researching all things health and fitness. I changed my diet and started to attend group fitness classes at my local rec centre. That’s where my love for group fitness began. Fast forward 8 years. I am now over 40kg lighter, full of energy, a kick-ass role model to my 3 amazing kids and I’m LIVING my life. After my transformation, I wanted to help as many people as I could to look in the mirror and like what they see. I wanted to provide them with the tools to transform themselves from the inside, out. I wanted to give mums a place to come and train with their kids. No crèche required! I just wanted to HELP people to be the very best versions of themselves so they could live their lives to the fullest. It was THEN ETB was born.

I never dreamed that ETB would become what it is today. I have the most incredible team of trainers, all of whom started out on their journey as my clients, and are now my best friends. I’ve mentored them from the very beginning of their journey and they do me proud every time they step onto the gym floor. My passion and love for what I do shine brightly for all to see. I’m a Master Trainer for MetaFIT, MetaPWR and Kettlebell AMPD, which allows me to educate the up and coming trainers to be awesome instructors! We have a community that’s so supportive and friendly, with the most amazing people in it! No bitching, no nastiness, just friendly, welcoming people brought together with the same love for health and fitness.

We are family. I’m so blessed to be able to do what I do. Each and every day that I walk into my gym, my heart fills with pride. To see people come together every day for the love of fitness. To see all the kids watching their mums and dads be healthy and active. It’s so overwhelming. I am so lucky to do what I do. Best job on the planet. I’m doing what I dreamed of. I’m changing people’s lives for the better and it feels amazing.