Of course! Family Friendly Fitness is what we do! We have a big kids area – lots of toys for little ones and a chill-out zone for the bigger ones with a TV and DVD’s. You will be able to see them the whole time, if they need you, you can attend to them. You are also welcome to bring tiny ones in prams and park them around the edges of the gym so you are within arms reach. Most kids tolerate our classes pretty well, especially as most of them are only 30-mins! You are in and out before they have time to get bored!

No. Everyone starts somewhere and everyone was right where you are today at some point. All of our classes can be scaled to suit your fitness and ability, just let our amazing trainers know and they will make sure you get the help you need.

So long as you have medical clearance to exercise it’s not an issue. We can modify around injuries all whilst making sure you don’t make anything worse. Just make sure you let your instructor know before class starts so they can help you with modifications!

Well, you can, but we really don’t recommend it. High-intensity training takes a big toll on your body, whether you feel it or not. It’s best to have 24-48 hours break between HIIT classes (AKA Metafit, HIIT Step, HIIT boxing, MetaPWR, MetaPRO, Piloxing Knockout) We have lots of formats on the timetable so we can offer you a mix of training styles to help you burn fat and get stronger without stressing your body too much. Chat with one of our trainers for more advice about the best mix of classes for your goals.

To book classes you’ll need a PTMinder account, sign up at earntheburn.ptminder.com, and then download the app to manage your bookings!

You can enter account details and pay online when you book or just unselect the pay online option and bring cash with you on the day.

Daytime and evening classes can be cancelled up to 2 hours before the class begins. Early morning classes have a 10-hour cut-off. You can cancel classes through PTMinder.

If you paid online the system won’t refund you, it will credit your account. So next time you book a class don’t pay online and you can apply for your credit.

Always add yourself to the wait list. Most of the time the wait list clears and you will get in. Remember to check your app closer to the class time to see if you got in.

We have one simple membership option. $30 per week for UNLIMITED classes! You can purchase this from the PTMinder store. We offer you flexibility with your payments, so if fortnightly or even monthly payments work better for you, then that’s all good with us!

Earn the Burn is not like other gyms. We are not the type of gym where you will walk in, do your workout, talk to no one and walk out. We are a community like no other. You will always find friendly faces to chat with, people who will work hard alongside you and celebrate when the work out is done! Our trainers are friendly, approachable and have all done the hard work in changing their own bodies and understand how challenging it can be. They are all mums with kids so they know how busy you are and how hard it is to take the time for you. We love helping you feel better about yourself, not just physically but mentally as well.