First and most importantly, I’m a Mum of 3 amazing kids that keep me always on my toes!

I haven’t always been a picture of health.

The old me was 40kg heavier, unhappy, tired, never seemed to have time for anything but my family and my full-time job. I was just coasting through life, not living it.
Then one day I saw a picture of myself and was horrified at what I saw. Who is this? Who was this stranger staring back at me? I could barely recognise myself. Who had I become? That single moment changed my life.
Fast forward 8 years.
I am now 40kg lighter, full of energy, a kick-ass role model to my kids and I’m living my life! I have a burning passion for health and fitness, so much so that I’m now qualified to help you make the same positive changes in your lives too! I want to help motivate and inspire as many people as I can to change their lives so they can become more confident, so their inner beauty can shine through, inside and out.
My philosophy on health and fitness is simple “eat clean, train mean, get lean!”

Nothing worth having comes easy, you gotta “Earn The Burn.”