Our Classes

HIIT Step is not what you are thinking! It’s nothing like that old school step aerobics class from the 80’s!! It’s a 30-minute high intensity class with some awesome remixed 90’s beats! Get lost in the music, it’s just you and the step. No co-ordination required! It’s fast, effective and FUN. Suitable for all levels of fitness, steps provided.
“High Intensity Resistance Training” is a 40-45 minute weights based circuit. This class is held both downstairs and upstairs in the ETB Gym. We utilize a combination of free weights, pin loaded machines, and HIRT principles to build muscle and burn FAT! There’s no need to have any previous experience with lifting weights. Suitable for all fitness levels. Great class if you are looking to build muscle or tone those arms and legs!
Speed. Agility, Quickness. This class is NEXT LEVEL and not for the faint hearted! SAQ combines functional movement patterns and sports training drills to take your fitness to a whole new level! You will be constantly on the move running and jumping your way through this killer workout! Awesome option for those with a sports-based background, and pe.
Piloxing SSP is a 45-60 min fusion of boxing, a little bit of Pilates, and a sprinkle of dance! SSP is a high energy, easy to follow, low impact workout that gets you a killer calorie burn! Suitable for all levels of fitness.
Piloxing Knockout is a 30-min workout influenced by plyometrics, sports conditioning drills, and functional training! You’ll increase your fitness level, boost confidence and strength and get results! Its fast, fun and packs a PUNCH! This class is suitable and challenging for all fitness levels!
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