You probably heard this word, “Metafit”, from a friend or colleague who’s really into fitness trends.

But what is it exactly?

Created by former Royal Marine Commando and Ironman triathlete, Justin Corcoran, Metafit™ “combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques that aim to push your metabolism to the maximum and set your body on fat-burning mode.

It does this by changing the resting metabolism by working big muscle groups with simple un-choreographed, high-intensity intervals that bring quick results to participants. It is recognised as the original “High-Intensity Interval Training” or HIIT workout.

An important thing to note is that Metafit isn’t the typical workout routine you can buy as a DVD or as a home workout.

If you want to try Metafit™ you have to join a class taught by qualified fitness coaches in small groups or in one-to-one training sessions (like Earn the Burn!)

But the great thing about Metafit™ is that everyone can work at their own pace. You just have to give it your all, whatever level you might be in, and plough through for as strong and as long as you can.

And since Metafit™ only uses bodyweight exercises, you don’t need to wrap your head around using different bits of kit. Many of the exercises use staple steps as the base, like squats or a plank position, making the workout even more accessible to anyone. But make no mistake, Metafit™ is definitely very high intensity. Once you try it once, you’re going to love it as you feel the difference right away and you will look forward to what some of its other workout combinations can offer.

Why not have a look at our classes and see which Metafit session would suit you?

April 26, 2017

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