UPDATE – My Journey Back to Healthy Hormones

#Operation “GTFO Gary the Parry” is underway! Parasite be GONE!

I had another appointment with Kylie today. Our previous appointment ended something like this…

“you need to be 1000% gluten free, but we will have to discuss your food next time as we have run out of time today”

Well, I read all the information she sent me (knowledge is power right?!) and after initially feeling completely fucking overwhelmed, a day later I was making homemade mayonnaise (don’t ask its a long story hahaha..)

You think eliminating gluten is hard, try cutting out processed carbs too! ALL processed carbs need to have less then 4g carbs per 100g and less then 3g sugar! It excludes SO many things but its necessary to help regulate my blood sugar levels. #lunchdessert #itsathingright?blood-sugar-meme

So after a bit of searching, I found this cute little shop/café in Armadale.

You can check it out here —-> https://www.theorganiccircle.com.au/

They stock so many amazing, organic, gluten free, dairy free products! I picked up some gluten free, low carb bread as well as a low carb pizza base. Both are high fat, but without carbs, the additional fat in my diet is what keeps me feeling full and not HANGRY AF… And in my line of work, you sure as hell don’t want me to be hangry hahahaha!

Here is the link if you wanna check out what I bought!! https://primalalternative.com/product/fat-seedy-bread/

I don’t eat much bread anyway, but on Sunday mornings its a staple with my bacon and eggs so it went straight into the freezer. I have also switched over to coconut yoghurt for the higher fat content, broccoli & cauli rice to replace my basmati, and coconut oil replacing my EVOO.

A few other awesome pick ups have been the Well Naturally No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate (Raspberry flavour is so good!) and the Avalanche 99% sugar free hot chocolate! This one is a fucking game changer!!

Found both of these bad boys from Coles, but Woolies have them too. Definitely satisfies my sweet tooth!

Im pretty happy and far less overwhelmed then I was last week!

Maybe I CAN do this?! Although the little habits like stealing food off the kids plates or a sneaky treat here or there has been a tough habit to break, and wow I was awful at a kids birthday on the weekend hahahaha… #helloooopartyfood. Baby steps, one day at a time.

Kylie was happy with the changes Id made over the last 2 weeks with my food. We did go over what I had been eating and the only change she wants me to make is to drop down to just one serving of fruit per day. I love my fruit so this is shit. LOL.

I picked up a few test results today too. A few weeks ago I had to have a urine test for Pyrrole disorder. This test could only be done at Clinipath in Osborne Park and it had to be the second wee of the day. I didnt get there till after 1pm and the struggle was fucking real hahaha.

Pyrrole disorder symptoms include anxiety, poor stress tolerance, outbursts of anger, chronic worry, over achieving, difficulty sleeping, poor sleep quality, fatigue, low libido.. tick tick tick tick tick tick. I suspect this has been an issue for quite sometime. My level is 17. It should be well below 10.

I also got my thyroid results back. Its so common for drs to only check your TSH – Thyroid Stimulating Hormone levels, but they just don’t tell the whole story. My TSH has always been on the low end of normal range with my latest result 0.8. My Dr gave that the thumbs up. If you get ONE thing out of reading my blog, its this.

Drs need to do a FULL thyroid panel which includes FT3 and FT4. They need to view the WHOLE picture. TSH alone tells you fuck all.

So I have low thyroid (my FT3 was 3.6) We have decided to not jump into medicating with thyroxin. The reason for this is that while I’m addressing my many other issues, the Thyroid may improve also. Once on medication for low thyroid, you are on it for life so we just want to give my body a chance to try and heal itself. Fingers crossed! Some symptoms of low thyroid include fatigue, hair loss, erratic period, weight gain, irritability & muscular cramping.

The other main topic of discussion for today was the testing for the celiac gene. I came back positive for HLA-DQ8. This gene shows little symptoms in the way of stomach upset/discomfort etc so can often go undiagnosed until other symptoms are present. This means a LIFETIME of 100%  gluten free. There is also the possibility that I’ve given this gene to my kids :(

My body is so inflamed and struggling from the inside out. So whilst initially I was overwhelmed with all these changes, I just want the old me back, so gluten can fuck right off!! ITS OVER!!

And you know what else can fuck off? Gary!!! We are beginning operation “Get the fuck out, Gary the Parry” SO I have to increase fibre intake over the next few weeks and continue with my gut healing supps so we can evict the stubborn little squatter!

Im feeling better. Less lethargic. I haven’t napped during the day at ALL this week (and I’ve had some very early wake ups!) Kylie said she can see a difference in my face from 2 weeks ago. She has asked that I scan in every week until I see her again in a month. EEEEEKKK.

So, since I first seen Kylie, here are my results (sharing this is so out of my comfort zone!)

Muscle -600g

Fat -500g

Visceral -1

Weight -1.6kg

Next check-in is 4 weeks away, but ill update you before then! Hopefully I’m feeling 1000x better!! I hope you took something away from this weeks update. Reach out if you have any questions and if you haven’t already, check out my other blog updates here –> https://www.earntheburn.com.au/blog/

Thanks for reading!

Chantal x

February 28, 2020

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