UPDATE – My Journey Back to Healthy Hormones

Well this weekend has been one I’d rather forget.

Vomiting, nausea, more vomiting, bed ridden, dehydrated with a massive headache to boot, more vomiting and dizzy AF.

Fuck. This. Shit.

Let me fill you in on my last week!

It started off really positive! I met with Kylie Robshaw from Wellness Perth on Tuesday afternoon. Id done a lot of reading and came across her website 2 weeks ago. I went over it from top to bottom. Types of testing she offers, types of conditions she looks for and treats. Its been a LONG 2 years and I needed to be sure this was a place I could get answers, and not just waste my money!

I managed to jag an appointment within a few days and sent across all the testing Id had over the last 3 years. Bloods from the Drs, saliva tests, hormone profiles, thyroid tests. The lot (and there was a LOT) so it could be analysed prior to my appointment.

I was running late after getting stuck behind a pilot vehicle (I was doing 50km an hour down Tonkin..it did not help my stress levels!) As I drove through residential Wattle Grove.. I was questioning if I was even in the right place! I pulled up at a house and as I walked into the entry way I was greeted by Kylie. She was lovely and made me feel at ease straight away.

I sat down in her office and she asked me what had been happening in my life which had ultimately led me to her. I could’ve spent my whole appointment on this one topic of conversation! After a brief chat, she began to deconstruct my test results, one by one. Explaining things in lots of detail.

Ill save you the biochemistry lesson, long story short.. low iron, low vitamin B12, low zinc, low calcium, low vitamin D, low thyroid and the presence of anti bodies, low DHEAs, low cortisol…the list goes on!!!!! LITERALLY!

Yep. I’m all kinds of fucked UP.

So after much discussion and a lot of educating, I left with my own health folder with copies of ALL my test results and highlighted areas of concern (more details about this in my next blog update)¬† Everything we covered was in that folder. I also had a health plan, including a lengthy list of further blood tests needing to be completed. A detailed explanation of how to complete a stool sample (this was an experience hahaha) and a huge sense of overwhelm.. For the first time in FOREVER, I finally felt like my symptoms weren’t all in my fucking head. I almost cried.

So I made an appointment with my GP so I could sort out the additional blood tests needed to complete the picture. Kylie suspects that I’m not absorbing vital nutrients through my diet and Gluten appears to be the culprit. Being Celiac is a very real possibility, and one that scares the shit outta me. I have an amazing GP and the MANY additional tests requested were all ok’d by her (she even added a few!) and I was bulk billed. Fuck YES!


I had to be fasting for these bloods, so Friday was the day. I ate ALL the things on Thursday.. Nandos for lunch, lots of water, and a high carb dinner to tie me over because, you know, food is life and ill be a hangry asshole come 7am Friday morning unless I carb load!! #anyexcuse.

So Friday morning I follow the very detailed instructions on how to collect a stool sample, helloooo glad wrap! Yep, glad wrap over the toilet bowl rim, sit down and take a dump!! .. cant have your shit hitting the toilet bowl.. it will get contaminated!! PS.. you’re welcome! I’m sure that’s a visual you needed!

After school drop off I headed to Pathology to get the bloods done. 8 tubes of blood and a urine test later!! I left feeling a little light headed and hungry AF.

Friday I was scanning for our upcoming challenge so straight into appointments when I got back to the gym, albeit a little shaky as I still hadn’t eaten. Scoffed 2 bliss balls and a coffee and on I went with my day.


By 11am I really wasn’t feeling great, hands shaky, I was sweating and clammy, and by lunchtime, I was throwing up in my front garden and thankful it wasn’t in Heidi’s car.

Its now Sunday night and I’m 3 kilos lighter, I’ve managed to hold down a little bit of pumpkin soup and 2 pieces of toast since dinner Thursday night. I’m still feeling woozy as I type this. Hopefully I’m done with the spew, I’ve held down everything I’ve eaten today. Ive been bed ridden since lunchtime Friday, and going stir crazy doing nothing. One thing for certain, Ill NEVER take my health for granted again. This has been the worst few days in as long as I can remember.

I’m 100% blaming the shit load of blood taken combined with my low iron and lack of food for being so sick.. #DrQuinn #Medicinewoman. I NEVER want to feel like this again. Its absolutely knocked me for a 6.

I’ve got a weeks wait for the test results, and a few more weeks before I see Kylie for the official explanation. So now, we wait. I’m hoping its just a gluten intolerance however, my gut instinct is telling me otherwise. I guess time will tell.

So until my next appointment, Ill be 100% gluten free. I wasn’t thrilled initially, but cant be any fucking worse then how I’ve felt this last 3 days. Hubby is on board and we are heading in the right direction!

So, Ill fill you in when my results are ready! Eeekkkk wish me luck!!!



February 9, 2020

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