Results Update – My Journey Back to Healthy Hormones

Today is THE day! Time to find out what’s going on in this body of mine!

Ive spent most of the last week feeling unwell with some sort of virus. Dizzy with headaches most of the time (so much so that I thought maybe I was pregnant!) Don’t even laugh, it was NOT funny!! Do you know how hard it is to buy a pregnancy test locally when you know everyone!? LOL.. Give me the fucking stool sample test ANY day of the week over this haha!

Negative. It was NEGATIVE!! Thank fuck for that.

Anyway, I picked up my test results from my GP Tuesday last week. There was nothing there that I wasn’t already aware of.

Low morning cortisol level of 130. Normal levels range from 150-500 but they should ideally be between 330-430. My Dr indicated the low reading was likely because I turned out to be sick on the Friday the bloods were taken (are you fucking kidding me!!) I’ve since found out that a virus would have elevated my morning cortisol, not dropped it!

My Liver function test had worsened (doubled) since last lot of bloods in November. Other then that, she said everything looked “Normal”. How many times have we all been told that our bloods are “normal”?? Nothing more frustrating.

She sent me for an ultrasound on my liver/kidney/gall bladder/spleen on Friday to see if they could identify what might be going on with my liver. Should get those results tomorrow. Fingers crossed nothing sinister there.

I asked for a copy of my blood test results so I could have a look through and I noticed a parasite was detected in my delightful stool sample which the Dr didn’t mention.

What the actual fuck?! A parasite?!

Maybe this is why my body isn’t absorbing vital nutrients through my food? Maybe this little parasite is having a party up in my tummy, getting high on my iron, vitamins and minerals!

I’m going to name him Gary the Parry!! And Gary… It’s time to get the FUCK OUT!

So I’m left wondering what the fuck it all means. I managed to get an earlier appointment with Kylie for this afternoon at 145pm so stay tuned.. Will update you later!!

Well well well what do we have here? Problems, problems EVERYWHERE!!

My mate Gary isn’t causing all my issues (but the little bastard can still find somewhere else to live!)

Whilst there is a lot going on, it really is a case of fixing the biggest issues first.

So, my folate is low (really low) at 11. It should be over 25. Folate is in EVERYTHING we eat!! If you don’t have enough folate being absorbed through your diet, where does your body take it from?? Your bones and teeth! Hellooo osteoporosis!! So that is something we are working on!

Whilst my iron has improved slightly from my last blood panel (from 44-58), its still low. So back on the iron supps (which I stopped last week as I was feeling sick and dizzy and totally blamed it on the iron) I’m not feeling great about this.

The other issue is my vitamin D. For those of you that see me regularly, you know I’ve got tan lines like no other!! SO getting enough sun is not the problem. My Vitamin D has dropped from 71-61.

Kylie explained this to me really well today. She said that vitamin D is like a little fire truck filled with water. It goes around putting out all the little spot fires in the body. When the Vitamin D level gets below 90, it can no longer put out any fires, and your immune system becomes compromised as your little fire truck holds onto that water for dear life, letting those little spot fires burn out of control.

Vitamin D is important for healthy mood, strong bones, strong muscles and overall health. It also plays a big part in our immune systems strength and balance.

Kylie has put me on an oral spray to help rectify this ASAP. Low vitamin D combined with low cortisol means my body has very low immunity and I’m a sitting duck to viruses and sickness which I do not have time for!

I’m also on some gut healing products to fix the lining of my gastrointestinal tract.

There were many other issues..  Here’s the short version. Take a deep breath and brace yourselves!

Low Bicarbonate, Low Selenium, borderline high Copper, CRP (C-Reactive Protein) reading of 2 (should be less then 0.3), low fasting glucose, low progesterone, high LH, high liver function panel, low magnesium & high HbA1c (precursor to type 2 diabetes!!!) I love my GP, but this is far from “normal”

Told you I was a little fucked up!

So where to from here? Well I need to be 1000% GLUTEN FREE. Its the cause of a LOT of the symptoms I’m experiencing. I’m finding this harder then I initially expected.

No more processed foods, bread, pasta, rice, crackers, chocolates…

But all good for dairy thank goodness!! Cheese is LIFE!

I also have a few more blood tests to re-do, as well as another cortisol saliva test. I’m back to see Kylie next week to go over my food plan as its critical to managing all the issues

If I’m really honest, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m feeling a little defeated. I’m feeling like I’ve failed my body and I’m just so tired.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Talk soon x

February 17, 2020

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