Meet our 8 Week Challenge WINNER – Gemma!

8 Week “Together We Can”



Congratulations to our latest 8 Week Challenge Winner, Gemma Jones!!

It was such a tough choice this time around as we had some incredible results, but this win was well deserved!

Gemma did her very first class back in August last year and has slowly chipped away at her goals ever since. But in this challenge, something finally clicked for her, and her results tell of her amazing journey with Earn The Burn! Check out her 8 Week Challenge before and after photos below!

8 Week Together We Can Challenge
Wow! This lady was as focused and determined as I’ve ever seen her!! She stepped out of her comfort zone and tried new classes, embraced a healthy change with her diet, made some wonderful new friends who helped support and encourage her along the way, she trained her butt off and got the results! This was Gemma’s 4th challenge with us! Its quite common for people to do a couple of challenges before they reach their goals!

Our challenges focus on educating clients on how to find a long term balance.

We aren’t about restrictive diets, quick fixes and smashing yourself with multiple classes a day! We want you to succeed, not just for 8 weeks, but well beyond that!! Our challenges give you the guidance and support you need. Not only from our wonderful team of trainers, but from our resident mindset coach and fellow challengers! This is the support network you need to reach your goals, just like Gemma!

Gemma’s results for this challenge!

42cms lost, 700g muscle on, 7.8kg fat lost (including 1kg off both her arms and 3.4kg off her trunk!!) 5 visceral points down, 6.4% BF lost and her Inbody score jumped up by an amazing 9 points!! Incredible result in only 8 weeks and a testament to all her hard work!

The journey so far..

Since her first challenge back in October last year, she’s lost countless centimetres, 22.5kg of fat (10kg from her trunk alone) 15% BF, her visceral wasn’t measurable at 20 and is now 13, and her Inbody score has gone from 47 up by 24 to 71!!!! But its the changes in her mindset that are the most impressive.

Oct 2017 - Sept 2018
Oct 2017 – Sept 2018
Oct 2017 - Sept 2018 22.5kg FAT lost!
Oct 2017 – Sept 2018 22.5kg FAT lost!


We are SO proud of you Gemma. You have become an incredible role model to your kids who can often be seen working out alongside you at the classes! I have no doubt they are super proud of their mum!!

From all of the Team at Earn TheĀ  Burn, Congratulations Gemma!

We have just one challenge left for this year!

Our final challenge of the year kicks off on Monday 29th October 2018 and will run for 6wks finishing up right before the crazy Christmas season!

If you would like to be emailed with all the information once its available, please hit the contact us button below and we will send you all the information you need!

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