My Journey Back to Healthy Hormones

Me and my little man Chayce
Me and my little man Chayce

2 years. 2 long fucking years.

That’s how long I’ve felt like the walking wounded. I can’t remember the last time I jumped out of bed in the morning and didn’t feel like absolute shit.

Tired. Moody. Emotional. Overwhelmed. Tired. So fucking tired.

But I soldiered on. I’m a mum. And mums don’t fucking quit when shit gets tough. They get up. Put on their big girl panties and they Get. Shit. Done.

I went on feeling this way for 2 years. Maybe  more. Until one day, I almost fell asleep behind the wheel driving home with Chayce in the car. I knew then that I needed help.

I approached my GP to try to get some answers as to why I had been feeling like shit. I had a range of blood tests done (iron, liver function, thyroid – all the usuals) and they all came back in the normal range.

SO, I decided to consult a Naturopath to get a different perspective. I did my first (of many) saliva tests and began supplementing to support my adrenal glands which were struggling with the constant load I was under. Running my own business, taking upwards of 20 classes a week, trying to manage the house, my paperwork, my kids and my marriage was overwhelming. My morning cortisol levels were quite low (they should be at their HIGHEST in the morning and slowly drop during the day) and I was on my way to burnout.

I’ve been supporting my adrenals ever since. But something STILL isn’t right. In the last two years I’ve gone from 52kg to currently 63kg (most of which has come in the last 12 months) and weight loss has been near IMPOSSIBLE. I have made so many changes. I cut coffee and stimulants (working out with no pre workout is hard fucking work when you are so exhausted) I reduced my training load. Ate off a custom meal plan.


I now have anxiety and depression. I’m just as fatigued as ever. I’m needing to sleep for an hour or two during the day, just so I can function at night. I struggle to get up out of bed in the mornings. I have a mental tug of war in my head when it comes to doing my job as I don’t feel like I “look” the part.

I’m short with my husband and kids who don’t get the best of me, they get what’s left of me.. and let me tell you… that ain’t a fucking lot at the end of the day!

I have night sweats, mood swings, low mood, fatigue, weight gain, increased visceral…

So why am I writing this? Well, I decided that 2020 was the year I was taking back my body.

So I’m taking you along with me on my journey. A journey of self discovery. A journey of reclaiming my body. A journey to find myself again. I’ve FINALLY found someone that can help me do this and I wanna share this with all of you!

If my story helps just ONE of you get a better outcome then its worth it. I started out on my journey as a Personal Trainer to help people become the best versions of themselves, but I’ve learned that its not as simple as handing out an ass kicking and a meal plan.

We are complicated beings and no two of us are the same. If your hormones are even slightly out of balance, it wreaks havoc in your body! A gym membership doesn’t change that!

Never ignore your intuition, she knows her shit. Never take no for an answer. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, And if you never ask the question, you’ll never know!

Thanks for listening! More updates to follow.


Chantal x


February 4, 2020

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