100 percent of gym-goers work out to look better. That’s probably a conservative estimate. Wanting to look your best in the ensemble you bought last weekend is a valid motivation to hit the gym. But the absolutely amazing thing about working out is that there are so many more powerful reasons to do it that have nothing to do with how you’d look. Here are 5 of our top picks:

  1. FEEL GOOD! Exercise literally makes you feel good. Countless studies have confirmed a direct link between exercise and the release of feel-good hormones that lift up your mood. Some even suggest that physical activity can help fight depression.
  2. MAKE THINGS EASIER Working out makes daily life easier. Training increases your capabilities to deal with the physical demands of everyday life. Be it an unexpected flight of stairs or an extra bag of groceries to carry. A stronger, leaner, and more capable body makes for a more manageable life.
  3. GET SLEEP Working out helps you sleep better. A study has found that almost 70% of regular exercisers get a good night’s sleep—and it doesn’t matter if you do your workouts in the morning, afternoon, or even late at night.
  4. IMPROVE YOUR MIND Regular exercise boosts memory and creativity. One research has found that regular exercisers fared better on creativity tests than did non-exercisers. Another one found that a single session of aerobic exercise resulted in higher levels of hormones associated with strong memory. So whether you’ve got an upcoming test or a big project to work on, you might want to hit your favourite aerobics or cycling class first.

To put it simply, making exercise a part of your day can make for a truly awesome life.

There’s a tonne of other good reasons to hit the gym or work out from home. Why not do someone a favor and share this blog post with someone who might appreciate reading good reasons to work out? With all the plus sides of exercise, I’m positive they’ll appreciate it afterwards! (And you can come too!)

May 5, 2017

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