Here at Earn The Burn, we make fitness FUN!

  • We are a family friendly fitness facility so bring your precious little ones with you whilst you work out (prams are A-OK!) We are all for allowing kids to watch and even join in whilst you get your endorphin kick!! It’s important that kids see from an early age that moving our bodies is important and something we should do on the daily!
  • We offer fast, fun and effective workouts which will help you reach those fitness goals! We have 9 amazing formats on our timetable with 5 new ones coming soon! We’ve got something for everyone!
  • We have trainers that are inspiring, encouraging and relatable. They’ve all had their own weight loss transformations with a combined weight loss of well over 100 kilos. They are inspirational and well equipped to help you write the pages of your own transformation story!
  • We remember people’s names and faces, you are never just a number at ETB. We care about YOU!
  • We’ve built the most phenomenal, motivating and supportive environment that you have to experience firsthand to believe!

There is so much heart and soul behind our doors, and we want to share that with the world.